Friday, March 31, 2017

Just Can't Meow...

Today my sister, Poppy, was a big meanie.
A big, giant, ginormous meanie bucket!!

I wasn't doing anything to her, nothing at all.
But she still just had to come behind me and kick me.
As if it's not bad enough that she kicked me,
but I fell into the pool.

She better not have messed up my spiffy new ViewMaster!!
(Poppy on the Left, Sami on the Right)

What We are Wearing: 


Sami's Shorts:

Poppy's Shorts:


Available at Lost & Found - March 2017


Sami's Hair:
Available at Kawaii Project - March 2017

Poppy's Hair:


Sami's Bracelet:

Sami's Ring:

Sami's Kitties:
(Both Kitties are from previous rounds of the Arcade)

Sami's Toy:
Available at Lost & Found - March 2017

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Sad, Sad Day...

Today is a sad, sad day.

My fish, Jaws, died today.
I woke up and he was swimming upside down.
I thought he was doing a trick,
so I showed my sister.
Poppy screamed,
"O-M-G, he's DEAD!!!!
What happened to his tongue?!?!"

So, we had to have fishy funeral for him.
It's  a sad, sad day...

What We are Wearing:

Includes Dress, Socks, Shoes & 2 Color Change HUDs
Limited 50 - March 2017 

Poppy (right)

Sami (Center) 

Tic Tot Toe - Dead Fish Bowl RARE
(store closed) 

Zahra (right)


Sami ~ Monso - Ruda
Collabor88 - March 2017

Friday, March 17, 2017


So my family getting a new house.
Which means my room has been packed up.
So I decided to go camping in the yard, and star gaze.
But, I do it my way...with glam!
This awesome camp set from {Tiny Trinkets}
makes it even better.

What I'm wearing:
~*Buglets*~ TD Daisy Flats - TD Baby & Kid Size
18 colors to choose from. 
The fat pack has bonus, 4 floral options plus the hud with all colors.

paper Damsels  victorian nightdress Baby Only
Sold Out!

:BoWillow: Slouchy Sleepy Beanie - PASTELS 
TD & Adult version! 4 Style packs.

Hair *barberyumyum*85(pink)

{T.T.}Happy Camper Gacha
Happy Camper Tent  RARE
Happy Camper PinkHat 
Happy Camper Flashlight pink 
Happy Camper Blue Binocular
(binocular & flashlight have animations)
all so cute!

Happy Day!

Pink & butterflies!
Make me so happy.

What I'm Wearing:
{T.T}Hallie TD sandals Baby & Kid Size
These cute sandals are perfect for everything!
w/Color Hud
@ Ninety-Nine

{ Clair de Lune } Saya Skirt Pink {B+K}
{ Clair de Lune } Saya Shirt Blue {B+K}
@ Ninety-Nine

[monso] My Hair - Ruda /Blonde
@ Collabor88

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Time for a swim...

Oh my gosh it is almost summer time.
These bathing suits are perfect!
All sizes are included for 50L Friday the 17th!

What I'm Wearing:

Picture 1.
{V*Y} Swim Dress - Blue/Pink Hearts

Picture 2.
{V*Y} Swim Dress - Blue/Pink Hibiscus

[monso] My Hair - Ruda /Blonde
@ Collabor88

Monday, March 13, 2017

Wild Child...

You were born to dance to the beat of your own heart;
to roam without cages;
with the innocence of a child,
and the free spirit of untamed horses;
I hope you laugh without stopping,
live with abandon,
and love like that’s all there is;
stay wild, my wild, wild child...
                                                             ~ Wild Child (Kenny Chesney)  


What We Are Wearing:

Poppy & Zahra

Zahra ~ Truth - Zoya
(March VIP Gift)


Includes Body Suit, Chest Add-On, Tights, 
Ballet Shoes, Headpiece, Tutu Add-On






Includes Body Suit, Chest Add-On, Tights (not worn), 
Ballet Shoes, Headpiece (not worn), Tutu Add-On


Thank you to Little Toes Dance Academy for the use of their studio 
for this picture.  If you are an SL child that would like to take dance 
please contact Miss Tatiana Kurri of Little Toes Dance Academy.
Saturday, March 11, 2017

Tea Time..

What I'm Wearing:

~*Buglets*~ TD Hallie Dress - MINT - TD Baby & Kid
(6 colors to choose from)
@ Ninety-Nine

~*Buglets*~ TD Kitticorn Socks - Fat Pack

Hair: *barberyumyum*90 (pink)

{T.T}Mermaid Crown w/color change hud


~*Buglets*~ Tea Party Gacha -
1 Rare/6 Commons
@ The Play Room 

Bad Seed-My Old Teddy
 GIFT from last year.

+Half-Deer+ First Class Kitty - Shopaholics - Snow RARE
+Half-Deer+ First Class Kitty - High-Tech Yarn - Snow
@ Arcade

!gO! Love my doll - Pola