Friday, May 19, 2017

Party Day!

Surprise....can I open my eyes?
I love a party with cake and cute outfits.
Today I am featuring 2 from Doodlezs.

What I am wearing:

Picture 1. Doodlez Rosey Posey -Gacha- Sizes B & K
Doodlez Rosey Posey Dress~Blue
Doodlez Rosey Posey Sandal~Blue
Doodlez Rosey Posey Headband
Doodlez Bearly Summer Bracelet~Silver (includes earrings & Necklace) Rare
@ The Play Room

Picture 2. Doodlez Bearly Summer Romper -Gacha- 
Doodlez Bearly Summer Romper ~Baby*Pink
Doodlez Bearly Summer Shoes Pink
Doodlez Bearly Summer Hair Goodies Pink
Doodlez Bearly Summer Bracelet~Silver
@ Thimble

Hair: Doe: Pippy /UNrig/ (solid) - Candy RARE -Gacha-
@ Rewind

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A Baby Princess...

Every little girl wants to be a princess.
This cute outfit will make you feel like one!
Time to rule my country, well at least my stuff animals.

What I am wearing:

Baby Princess - Gacha
4 colors to try for!
Crown Headband [Rose] Paci [Rose] Top (B) [Rose] Tutu (B) [Rose]
Platforms B [Rose]
& Heart Locket Rare-opens w/texture change hud-holds picture.

Hair: Magika - Honey Whiskey

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Feeling Pretty!

and ready to go... 

What I am wearing:

~*Buglets*~ TD Mabel Dress [Mint] (Baby)
6 colors to choose from

Magika - Honey Whiskey


~*Buglets*~ Lil Beauty Gacha - 
Lil Beauty Vanity RARE, Lil Beauty Stool RARE
Lil Beauty Lotion [Ice Cream], Lil Beauty Lotion [Cupcake]
Lil Beauty Blush [Rose], Lil Beauty Blush [Strawberry], 
Lil Beauty Blush [Peach]
Lil Beauty Compact [Honey]
Lil Beauty Lipstick [Peach], Lil Beauty Lipstick [Strawberry]
Lil Beauty Lipstick [Cherry]
Lil Beauty Brush
Lil Beauty Nailpolish [Lilac], Lil Beauty Nailpolish [Mint]
Lil Beauty Nailpolish [Candy]
Lil Beauty Bag

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Drifting Along....

The last day of our family vacation @ St.Kitts Tiki Resort.

Poppy Wearing:
Turducken ToddleeDoo - Fringe Swimsuits - Mint

These floats are the best to hang out with family or just alone!
I love them.
:BoWillow: Donut Floatie Gacha
Right Float: :BoWillow: Cake {rainbow} Donut Umbrella Floaty RARE
Left Float: :BoWillow: Family Donut Umbrella Floaty [rock] ULTRARARE
@ The Play Room

:BoWillow: Succulents Bottle - Green
Bottles are so cool, has all kinds of drink options.
you will love them.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Mama & Me...

Mother's Poem
 "Mothers hold their
children's hands for a
short while, but their
hearts forever."

Beautiful set from {Tiny Trinkets} Gacha @ The Play Room!
Just in time for Mother's Day.

Poppy is wearing:
. tiptoes - Shimmer Princess Dress [ B ] - Cream
. tiptoes - Shimmer Princess Wings GIFT w/color hud
                       @ The Gacha Garden

Hair:.ploom. Sharla - Blondes

{Tiny Trinkets}Mama & Me Gacha
Wearing: {T.T}Mama & Me HeadBow Pink, Roses earrings, CUB bracelet,
One Heart Necklace -Pink & Mama's day balloon pose.
                        @ The Play Room
                                                     Caeleigh is wearing:
                                                    .tiptoes Shimmer Princess Dress - Cream [Adult]
                                       @ The Gacha Garden

                                               {Tiny Trinkets}Mama & Me MAMA bracelet
                                        One Heart Necklace -Pink & Forever Chocker -rainbow
                                    @ The Play Room

              Hair: .Entwined. Ruby +
                           @ Fameshed

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Star Wars Day!

What ever side your on...
May the 4th be with you!

Grab your Group Gift today!

What I'm Wearing:
Sammich Fixins  - Star Wars Day Group Gift B&K sizes
You can be dark side or light side w/color hud!

[Little Nerds] Blk - Frilly Legged Shorts - BABY
(MP only)

~*Buglets*~ TD Lil Diva Boot Gacha 

Have a fun day!!

Friday, March 31, 2017

Just Can't Meow...

Today my sister, Poppy, was a big meanie.
A big, giant, ginormous meanie bucket!!

I wasn't doing anything to her, nothing at all.
But she still just had to come behind me and kick me.
As if it's not bad enough that she kicked me,
but I fell into the pool.

She better not have messed up my spiffy new ViewMaster!!
(Poppy on the Left, Sami on the Right)

What We are Wearing: 


Sami's Shorts:

Poppy's Shorts:


Available at Lost & Found - March 2017


Sami's Hair:
Available at Kawaii Project - March 2017

Poppy's Hair:


Sami's Bracelet:

Sami's Ring:

Sami's Kitties:
(Both Kitties are from previous rounds of the Arcade)

Sami's Toy:
Available at Lost & Found - March 2017