Friday, July 28, 2017

Safari Selfie...

Out on a new adventure today.
I found lots of animals.
My favorite where the elephants.
So I had to take a selfie with them.
Just not to close, I'm not crazy!

~*Buglets*~ Haleigh Dress - Blush
Details: 6 colors to choose from.
Fatpack with discount/comes with texture change hud.
Bebe , TD Baby & Kid sizes.

*BOOM* - Chu Bow

Beau Bebe - Ribbon Sandals - Bebe Body

{BunBun} Magical Phone - Ribbon Blue - Gacha

Hair: *barberyumyum*90

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Sunshine and Flowers...

Close your eyes and breath in.
Nothing sweeter than the smell of flowers...
and sunshine on your face.

What I'm Wearing:
~*Buglets*~ Zoey Dress - Bebe, TD Baby & Kid sizes
6 Color Hud inclued
@ Color Me Cute

+Half-Deer+ Blossom Baby - Rose Crown - Pastel
@ The Epiphany

Hair: Tableau Vivant \\  Aku hair

Body: Bad Seed - Bebe Body

Head: Toddleedoo - Alice

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Going to the country...

I'm going up the country, 
babe don't you wanna go...

I'm going to some place
where I've never been before.

I'm going, I'm going 
where the water taste like kool-aide.

I better not say wine,
my Papa says no.
That was some lyrics to old song. 
by Canned Heat.

What I'm wearing:
Sammich Fixins Mingo Dress - Blue 
BeBe, TD Baby & Kid sizes
5 commons 1 Rare

{Tiny Trinkets}Paris Summer Hat 
resizer & color hud 8 choices 3 band color choices

Hair: Tableau Vivant \\  Aku hair 

Body: Bad Seed - Bebe Body 

Head: Toddleedoo - Alice

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Time to read and sleep...

Featuring .::Little Clover::. & Sophy-Boo Creations
Both of these are just adorable!

What I'm Wearing:

Picture 1. 
 .::Little Clover::.Heart Jammies GACHA RARE~B
.::Little Clover::.Snuggly Heart Bunny RARE Color Change!
Sizes TD Baby & Kid only

Picture 2:
Sophy-Boo Creations
Sprinkles Donut ~ TD Baby Size
DETAILS: 9 commons and one rare. 
Comes with shirt and shorts in TD baby and kid sizes & Bebe sizes.

Hair: *barberyumyum*T02(pink)

Head: Toddleedoo - Alice

Body: Bad Seed Bebe Body

~ToddleeDoo - TippyToes 

Hello Fishy...

Best way to watch for fish.
On top of a turtle floaty
in my pajamas!

What I'm Wearing:
:BoWillow: Fluffy Jammers - Cats Pajamas PINK (bebe)
4 styles to choose & Pants Hud w/4 styles
Bebe, TD Baby sizes
AND for added fun..comes with matching display for your closet!
Color Me Cute

Hair: *barberyumyum*T02(pink)

Hair Bow: *BOOM* - Chu Bow

Head: Toddleedoo - Alice

Body: Bad Seed Bebe Body

:BoWillow: Turtle Floaty - Mint (static)
DETAILS: Turtle Floaty comes in 7 styles to choose
2 texture HUDS for the top part of the floaty
solo kid, solo adult, 2 kids or a grown up with a child. There are tons of super cute animations!
and 2 versions static and circle to add realism.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Special Days...

When we have special dates, it makes it special days!

What I'm Wearing

Available at Thimble - July 2017




Tiny Gems - Daddy's Little Sweetheart
Includes Blanket & Flower
Available at Ninety-Nine

Saturday, July 15, 2017


Another fun day at the beach.
I might even learn to surf.
Time to hang ten dudette!
Hehe so silly....

What I'm wearing:
Doodlez Wacky Watermelon Outfit~Yellow
Doodlez Wacky Watermelon Shoes~Yellow
Doodlez Wacky Watermelon Glasses~Yellow
Bebe TD Baby & Kid sizes
4 colors
*16 Commons and 1 Rare So cute!
@ The Play Room

Hair:Tableau Vivant \\  Aku hair - Blonds

Hat:{PB} Summer Sun Hat Yellow

Head: Toddleedoo - Alice

Body: Bad Seed Bebe Body

*MishMish* Merboy and Mermaid - Coral - Rez

{Enchanted Poses} Playing with Sand
@ To The Moon & Back

{AH} Summer Shoot Photo Booth (Surfboards) RARE
*Pass Gacha ToddleeDoo Fair